Definition of unstamped in English:



  • 1Not marked by stamping.

    ‘a smooth unstamped disc’
    • ‘Retailers must often accept whatever product is offered by these new middlemen, but they can sometimes choose to buy ‘packages’ of heroin that are stamped or unstamped.’
    • ‘Lino Demasi, Math Society president elect, is not too affected by cheaters since Math Soc corkboards are checked daily and unstamped papers are removed.’
    • ‘For many years, heroin buyers expected bags to be stamped - an unstamped bag was regarded with suspicion, a generic product that carried no pedigree.’
    • ‘While James To may argue that he had no personal liability based upon undated and unstamped documents which he should have known better as a lawyer, the big problem now is that he has steered the arrow straight at the Democratic Party!’
    • ‘A renewed ‘war of the unstamped’ emerged in the 1850s in the form of Penny War Sheets, which attempted to compete with Times coverage by issuing daily unstamped pamphlets of war news for a price that workers could afford.’
    • ‘Black paid twenty-six dollars for the brass andirons, stamped ‘John Molineux / Boston,’ and the matching, but unstamped, shovel and tongs.’
    • ‘Harsh penalties were imposed for printing newspapers on unstamped paper.’
    • ‘‘Plywood that is unstamped as per these requirements, or contains only a manufacturer's mark, is of unknown quality and strength and is therefore unacceptable,’ the bureau wrote.’
    • ‘Judges must have regard to the sufficiency of the stamp duty paid on a document before them and must ensure that proper duty is paid by refusing to admit into evidence an unstamped document.’
    • ‘A £20 penalty also applied to persons in possession of an unstamped paper, and sending an unstamped paper overseas attracted a £100 penalty.’
    • ‘The larger organizations made millions of dollars and sold unstamped bags of heroin.’
  • 2Not having a postage stamp affixed.

    ‘an unstamped envelope’
    • ‘We reported yesterday that the Central Intelligence Agency has been stuffing unstamped postcards into residential mailboxes in the neighborhoods surrounding the agency's Langley headquarters.’
    • ‘That's just asking the Tories to send a continuous stream of unstamped junk mail to that address.’
    • ‘So I checked the mat to find an unstamped envelope addressed to my full name and address.’
    • ‘The postman simply fines the person to whom the unstamped letter has been sent - otherwise he will not hand over the letter.’
    • ‘He called it and they told him which post office branch the mail from that box goes for sorting and that we should get the unstamped mail returned tomorrow.’