Definition of unstageable in English:



  • (of a play) impossible or very difficult to present to an audience.

    ‘German drama contains its fair share of almost unstageable masterpieces’
    • ‘His plays, many long considered unstageable, were finally being performed to enthusiastic audiences.’
    • ‘The play is bursting with references to important historical events, at least for Austria, which make it almost unstageable.’
    • ‘That is why the piece is inherently unstageable: it offers no internal argument.’
    • ‘With original Welsh stage work just as disappointing, you could only fear for this solo adaptation of the Edinburgh author's most recent novel, which on paper looked like an unstageable piece of opportunism gone mad.’
    • ‘Some of his other plays have been described as ‘unplayable, line by line, and unstageable as a whole.’’
    • ‘It's been a slow process, but his many operas, long considered musty and unstageable relics of the past, are once again hit shows everywhere.’
    • ‘While he was struggling in late 1796 to move out of his mental and spiritual despair, Wordsworth wrote the eerie and largely unstageable play The Borderers.’
    • ‘Arden's fanciful production makes a seemingly unstageable opera into gripping entertainment.’
    • ‘Emo Philips' comment does convey a truth, but not all the truth, and the idea that, as a result of his minimalist style, Glass's work is inaccessible, dull or unstageable is mistaken.’