Definition of unstaffed in English:



  • Not provided with staff.

    ‘the kitchen on the seventh floor is an unstaffed facility’
    • ‘Consequently, many unscrupulous people take advantage of unstaffed stations and inadequate ticket inspection to avoid paying fares.’
    • ‘As for shoppers and night-time visitors, a well-used busy station is better than an unstaffed station down a deserted walkway.’
    • ‘But a Merstham resident said charging penalties could be unfair as the ticket office at Merstham station is often unstaffed and there is no cash machine nearby.’
    • ‘As a number of facilities are unstaffed self-service units, it's not clear who would stamp the card.’
    • ‘While the military and police stood guard outside some stores, hungry people who were unable to find anything open began taking things they needed from unstaffed businesses.’
    • ‘The booth went back to being unstaffed at the end of 2002 as a result of upgrades at and around the ferry terminal.’
    • ‘The facility is ready for use by local units, but it is unstaffed.’
    • ‘Last year, ironically, key wildlife posts in the State fell vacant and some protected areas were left unstaffed because senior officers were transferred to the forest corporation for eco-tourism projects.’
    • ‘The charity Cancer Research UK wants to ban unstaffed coin-operated sunbeds, to keep a register of salons and to get them to give more health advice.’
    • ‘The station, which is unstaffed save for a caretaker, was crowded.’
    • ‘The Contemporary Center was established and announced to the public in 1997, but it was unstaffed until the summer of 1999.’
    • ‘Baildon station will continue merely as an unstaffed public delivery siding.’
    • ‘Train station staff are also writing to parents expressing concern over the safety of schoolchildren on unstaffed stations, as well as circulating petitions calling on the government to act over the issue.’
    • ‘A ticket can only be purchased on a train if the ticket office is closed or unstaffed.’
    • ‘Screeners nearby said the lane was unstaffed for five to 10 minutes, and more passengers may have gotten through.’
    • ‘Dilman Jamal, a young doctor at the hospital, said it was unstaffed when he arrived from the nearby city of Arbil.’
    • ‘The mediation office, a particularly successful program for resolving disputes, has gone unstaffed.’
    • ‘The library was unstaffed and journalists phoning in copy from outside were redirected to a phone-in centre in Leeds.’
    • ‘The accident happened just before 10.30 am at an unstaffed crossing near Bramshall in the Midlands.’
    • ‘Many residents return to their hometowns during this period and houses will be left unattended and government offices largely unstaffed.’