Definition of unspontaneous in English:



  • 1Not performed or occurring spontaneously; calculated or planned in advance.

    ‘how circumscribed and unspontaneous my life had become’
    ‘unspontaneous applause’
    • ‘I was worried that so long after the event - and having talked about them so often - they would tell the story in a dry, unspontaneous way.’
    • ‘Herrera uses eyes and head positions to project communicatively and without applying any unspontaneous charm.’
    • ‘His later work can be careful and unspontaneous.’
    • ‘It was all very, very canned, very unspontaneous, let us say.’
    • ‘What she is banging on about in her unspontaneous, artless, emotional way is that the tears may well be controlled, ambiguous or dishonest.’
    • ‘There are funny moments here and there, but the humor feels unspontaneous.’
    • ‘We see disintegration, but, disturbingly, it is phony, unspontaneous, stage-managed disintegration.’
    • ‘The dancing tends to be bland in its dynamics, unspontaneous, and diminished in energy.’
    • ‘Least successful is Part 3, about snake handlers, which opening night was too buttoned up and unspontaneous.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) having an stiff, inhibited manner.
      ‘he can be wooden, dour, and unspontaneous’
      • ‘She came across as uncertain, unprepared and painfully unspontaneous.’
      • ‘He says little and is generally unspontaneous.’
      • ‘Swift was romantic but asexual, opinionated but apolitical, sincere but unspontaneous.’
      • ‘She emerges more contrived and unspontaneous, more starchily unfeminine.’
      • ‘I'm guarded, unspontaneous, inarticulate, and exhibit very little, if any, sense of humour.’