Definition of unsponsored in English:



  • Not supported or promoted by a sponsor.

    • ‘He said that Ndhlovu did a lot for soccer in the country and the Charity Shield, the only unsponsored soccer championship in the country, was the best that came to FAZ's mind.’
    • ‘If Roush Racing can't find another sponsor for Jeff Burton's car, will the team be shut down, or will it go unsponsored?’
    • ‘Negotiations with other potential sponsors continue, but Ascot officials said the Royal Meeting and individual races at Royal Ascot will remain unsponsored.’
    • ‘Premium cable - that is, unsponsored channels you pay for separately - doesn't have those constraints and is free to show us conflicts untempered by political correctness.’
    • ‘Instead of spectating in September, I flew to Australia in June, three months before the crowds, to go out exploring with old, gnarly, unsponsored athletes whose sport won't ever be in the Olympics.’
    • ‘By way of a diversion, the unsponsored Brassington has won through to the Boys’ Under-18 Masters finals of the Sunday Telegraph / Center Parcs Junior Grand Prix.’
    • ‘I was unsponsored for like six months or something, and that's when Creature came along and said, ‘We need a street pro!’’
    • ‘Her journey to Cuba was unsponsored, a tourist hop from Mexico that lasted only 10 days, which allowed for only ‘the most topical of observations.’’
    • ‘Although unsponsored and therefore without funds for extensive advertising, the exhibition nevertheless attracted much interest and acclaim.’
    • ‘Last weekend, at Atlanta, Carter fielded Nemechek's unsponsored car; Bodine stayed home.’
    • ‘It went unsponsored 12 months ago at the Barbican Centre after a deal with previous backers Liverpool Victoria ended in 2000.’
    • ‘There are heaps of prizes for sponsored and unsponsored skateboarders, so sign up now for a chance to win.’
    • ‘A growing number of activists believe the time has come for the public to stop asking that some space be left unsponsored, and to begin seizing it back.’
    • ‘And believe me, we need the unsponsored information we haven't been getting.’
    • ‘She went on to explain that they still needed help, that they are an unsponsored band and that their roof leaks and the walls are cracked and shaking.’
    • ‘This time it's unsponsored, but should provide new film and information for further talks.’
    • ‘While negotiating for a major sponsor, the League is set to go unsponsored until the right deal is negotiated for 2002 or 2003.’
    • ‘I know exactly what some of these guys feel like who have an unsponsored car - we did not have a sponsor.’
    • ‘We noticed that chronic ‘steroid resistant’ asthma was a problem and found in a carefully designed, unsponsored study that intramuscular triamcinalone had a useful place in these patients.’
    • ‘Producer Monja Danischewsky called the film ‘the longest unsponsored advertisement ever to reach cinema screens the world over.’’