Definition of unspoiled in English:


(British unspoilt)


  • Not spoiled, in particular (of a place) not marred by development.

    ‘one of the best stretches of unspoiled coastline in the UK’
    • ‘Arguably the jewel in the area's crown is the rolling expanse of unspoiled countryside.’
    • ‘Its beautiful unspoiled countryside offers many opportunities to relax and to enjoy the great outdoors.’
    • ‘Three million acres of pristine unspoiled natural grandeur means that one soon runs out of superlatives.’
    • ‘Maninjau is a place of natural beauty, unspoiled by tourist developments.’
    • ‘Why not take a day to go location spotting and visit some of the county's unspoilt villages, grand houses and countryside?’
    • ‘In those days that area was what some of us would call pristine and unspoiled.’
    • ‘The village's unspoilt appearance and its careful preservation make it a natural choice for films set in the past.’
    • ‘The Heritage is ideal for exploring an appealing countryside of unspoiled villages and tiny pubs.’
    • ‘Amish culture is often promoted as a return to the untouched, unspoiled landscape of the past.’
    • ‘Six have their own sitting rooms and all have access to a private garden and unspoiled views of the countryside.’
    unimpaired, preserved, intact, as good as before, as good as new, perfect, spotless, pristine, immaculate, virgin, unblemished, unharmed, unbroken, unflawed, undamaged, unmutilated, untouched, unmarked, untainted, unaffected, unchanged
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