Definition of unspent in English:



  • 1Not spent.

    ‘unspent receipts from the sale of council houses’
    • ‘The council allocated a total of £215m to its schools, but at the end of the academic year, almost £16m remained unspent - even though some schools had debts of more than £1m.’
    • ‘City officials said they can use an unspent $5.4 million from an annual federal fund that reimburses the District for costs incurred because of its status as the capital.’
    • ‘We do have developmental money unavoidably unspent, which will greatly reduce the problem.’
    • ‘Meanwhile a northern New South Wales sugarcane producer believes most of the Federal Government's rescue package will remain unspent.’
    • ‘The Department of Health left over €150 million of its budget unspent in the first half of this year, despite the ongoing demand for improved health services.’
    • ‘The news comes after Charles Clarke, secretary of state for education, announced he would release £800 million of unspent cash to ensure students don't suffer a similar catalogue of cuts next year.’
    • ‘He said local authorities returned €17.6 million unspent to the Department of Environment that was allocated for the Disabled Persons and Essential Repairs grants in 2004.’
    • ‘That $750 million is in the bank, unspent and untouchable.’
    • ‘Bolton's headteachers are spending enough money on their schools - despite more than £5 million being left unspent during the last financial year.’
    • ‘But when the program ended, there were $8 billion unspent dollars in the U.N. bank account.’
    • ‘New York ranks first with $689 million in unspent funds; California is second with $671 million.’
    • ‘The council's net assets on March 31 were £106,093, which means a rise in the parish precept this year, coupled with its unspent surplus, will leave about £140,000 in the coffers.’
    • ‘One positive development is an underspend of £2.5million in the trust's capital spending, meaning the unspent cash can help ease the deficit.’
    • ‘The mistake of controlling inflation via underfunding is leading the government into an absurd position, when money is lying around unspent and transparency and efficiency are empty words.’
    • ‘Since 1999, the territorial government has reaped a financial windfall at the end of every year, in the form of unspent salaries and benefits created by its numerous staff vacancies.’
    • ‘In recent years, a substantial proportion of grants have remained unspent and recouped by the Exchequer.’
    • ‘Figures released this week reveal that £15 million remains unspent in school bank accounts across Bradford district, while others struggle with debts totalling £7 million.’
    • ‘But he said there was no immediate need to increase the $350 million commitment because the most urgent task was coordinating all the aid that was pouring in, the vast majority still unspent.’
    • ‘Deputy Flynn said that while job losses, lack of investment and poor quality of infrastructure reflected the ongoing neglect of the West, billions of euro in allocated funds were lying unspent in government coffers.’
    • ‘A ministry official said that unspent cash left over from the 2004 budget would be transferred to the fund this month, meaning that the headline total of the fund, set up only last year, will rise again by Feb. 1.’
    1. 1.1 Not exhausted or used up.
      ‘he shook with unspent rage’
      • ‘Her eyes were glassy with unspent anger and her hands were clenched into fists.’
      • ‘Inside she was seething with some unspent rage.’
      • ‘After six hours of almost uninterrupted driving she was too full of unspent energy to remain calm.’