Definition of unspecifiable in English:



  • Not able to be identified or named.

    ‘many unspecifiable dangers lie ahead’
    • ‘The promise is unspecifiable; its content is something we actually cannot know in advance.’
    • ‘Both the compliant and the rebellious might equally be subjected to the unspecifiable punishment which seems to follow any surge of initiative.’
    • ‘I do believe we play some unspecifiable but not inconsiderable part in maintaining a measure of clear thinking in a largely debased intellectual culture.’
    • ‘Our mental freedom is probably illusory, for there must be unspecifiable physical factors that quietly "cause" all of our decisions.’
    • ‘The slippage from capitalism to global capitalism is a way of slipping the actors responsible across the border into an unspecifiable elsewhere where they can no longer be held accountable.’
    unspeakable, unutterable, inexpressible, unmentionable, indescribable, abominable, horrible, dreadful, appalling, shocking, awful, terrible, frightful
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