Definition of unspeaking in English:



  • Not speaking; silent.

    ‘for a moment they all sat unspeaking’
    • ‘She was tall but he had a couple of inches on her and as they stood unspeaking under the streetlight she suddenly knew that they looked like a couple to anyone watching them.’
    • ‘She sat, unspeaking, unmoving, digesting the thought.’
    • ‘Eighty four pairs of anxious eyes watched us, unspeaking, eager to see what would happen next.’
    • ‘He lifted the door of the cage, unsmiling, unspeaking.’
    • ‘The police become the avatars for an excessively brutal state and our hero, still unspeaking, is the everyman forced to suffer at its hands.’
    • ‘Lon, unspeaking, put down his things and went to get the gun he would be taking.’
    • ‘Jack's unspeaking mouth turned up in the slightest grin, his eyes pleading.’
    • ‘John didn't reply, he just sat there, unspeaking, and unmoving while staring out the window.’
    • ‘A pause followed as Jeremy and the cloaked woman gazed at each other, unmoving and unspeaking.’
    • ‘After which, an entire carriage of staring, unspeaking heads turned - pretty much in unison - to look at me.’
    • ‘They spoke in hushed tones, but despite my unspeaking mouth, my ears grasped the whole conversation that shall be sealed in this tale with my pen so that I shall never forget it.’
    • ‘Behind me, the wreckage of industry, abandoned factories and cracking docks; and, occasionally, unspeaking people busy furtively near small fires.’
    • ‘Natasha had stood there during the course of our little quarrel, unspeaking.’
    • ‘They walked unspeaking until Alexander stopped at the threshold of the entrance hall.’
    • ‘Jasmine continued to stare at him, unspeaking.’
    • ‘But Bixler loved to win too much and wanted more good cars and drivers to race against, so it wasn't long before he made me competitive and mad enough that we became unspeaking rivals.’
    • ‘His breath was hot on my neck as he just held me close, unspeaking.’
    • ‘‘Come back, mama, we miss you,’ the boy pleads with his unspeaking mother.’
    • ‘Rassia is done painting, leaving the two of them silent and unspeaking.’
    • ‘She sat unspeaking and ate the rest of her dinner, which she had neglected in her chat with Marc.’
    reticent, taciturn, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, unresponsive, close-mouthed, close-lipped
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