Definition of unsoured in English:



  • Not soured.

    ‘unsoured milk’
    • ‘We would urge you to reconsider your position on this matter and to reappoint Mr Davies so that the process of review can take place in an unsoured atmosphere and with the full cooperation of the arts community within Wales.’
    • ‘Strain out the liquids (you can drink this unsoured buttermilk) and dry the resulting butter thoroughly with paper towels.’
    • ‘Principally it is advisable to avoid unsoured milk products as they contain higher contents of lactose then soured.’
    • ‘Of one thing we may be sure, that the memory of his pure and noble life, untouched by worldliness, unsoured by fanaticism, will endure.’
    • ‘The sternest trials leave her sweet character unsoured.’
    • ‘We wish it were served with good, crusty, unsoured bread.’
    • ‘Those who take most of their protein in the form of unsoured milk or its products, whether whole or skimmed milk, will have no calcium problem, as these are the best dietetic sources.’
    • ‘To remain unsoured even though one's merits are unrecognized by others, is that not after all what is expected of a gentleman?’
    • ‘Our laughter rustled the cottonwoods, our friendship polished the water, our days unsoured by lack of purpose.’
    • ‘The main portion of the total amount of added vegetable and/or animal oil is added and mixed with conventionally soured or unsoured cream before the churning.’
    • ‘The pH value of the unsoured milk meets the requirements of the streptococci, so they grow quicker at the start.’
    • ‘He faced the situation with placid courage, and unsoured he kept to the end of his long life the playful humour and kindly temper which made him loved alike by old and young.’
    • ‘A change to unsoured or sweet cream butter came only during the 1940's.’