Definition of unsorted in English:



  • Not sorted or arranged.

    ‘a mass of unsorted papers’
    • ‘She rose to her feet and began scanning her room and then searching through the mess of papers on her desk, which had still gone unsorted since the school year had ended.’
    • ‘And it's totally unsorted, piled up in black trash bags, and surely more clothing than we can reasonably distribute in our area.’
    • ‘He had stopped writing now and had propped his head on his hand which was resting atop hundreds of unsorted papers.’
    • ‘York postmen and counter clerks, who were estimated to have lost between £180 and £200 for each week of the January to March strike, came back to more than 100,000 unsorted items.’
    • ‘The Royal Mail last night confirmed there had been no industrial action in the region so far and that there were no plans to divert unsorted mail from London.’
    • ‘All our holidays, many of which were in repeated destinations, blend together like an unsorted collection of photographs.’
    • ‘If you are at home obviously you've got photo albums and also shoe boxes full of unsorted pictures.’
    • ‘According to the Environment Agency, about half of the 8m tons of green bin material thrown out each year in the UK ends up overseas. The BBC revealed 500 tons had been shipped unsorted to Indonesia.’
    • ‘As soon as they come in they head straight for the unsorted books to be first to find the gem in the treasure box, and express real disappointment if there is no box there.’
    • ‘Instead we have our post unsorted and often immobile in lorries on jammed roads.’
    • ‘We cleared it of scads of unsorted mail, a few old magazines, the Sunday Times and random pocket detritus.’
    • ‘I have hundreds of unsorted papers describing new worlds and races, mostly futuristic settings, but I have hardly any stories to go with them.’
    • ‘In fact, the expression is modern, and it seems to refer to the unsorted output from a textile mill.’
    • ‘Customers take their stash to the store, pour the unsorted coins into the machines and out pops a voucher redeemable for cash or shopping.’
    • ‘The Government is also reported to be considering charging householders for the amount of unsorted waste they produce in a bid to encourage them to pick out recyclable items, such as tins, glass, cardboard and paper.’
    • ‘Waste presented for general collection which is found to include recyclable waste will not be collected and it will also be an offence to present unsorted waste for collection.’
    • ‘I eyed the three boxes of still unsorted screws and sighed.’
    • ‘In cross-section, the deposits consist of unsorted pebbles, cobbles, and boulders in a matrix of fine-grained debris.’
    • ‘Don't expect any glamour here: the shops are spartan in the extreme and completely disorganised, with customers left to rummage through piles of clothing that are unsorted by size, colour, label or anything else.’
    • ‘In Tramore alone an estimated 7,000 items will remain unsorted and undelivered on Friday while on Monday an additional 14,000 letters will remain undelivered.’