Definition of unsoiled in English:



  • Not stained or dirty.

    ‘she looked fresh and her uniform was unsoiled’
    • ‘Love like this remains as pure as the memory of a first kiss, unsoiled by disappointment and as big as the world.’
    • ‘Joe nodded hastily and snapped his goggles back over his eyes, covering the two rings of unsoiled flesh they had left when he first lifted them.’
    • ‘This land is almost completely untouched by the destructive nature of humans; it's pure and unsoiled.’
    • ‘Only then, did she realise what was so odd about him: his entire outfit was unmarred by blood, unsoiled by mud.’
    • ‘Also wash heavily soiled garments separately as the dirt can get caught in unsoiled clothes.’
    • ‘It is beautiful… unsoiled by previous tenants.’
    • ‘Then, if he was feeling up to it, he'd splash back into the cold pool of water, and float in the euphoria of clean, unsoiled water.’
    • ‘If apparently you succeed in keeping yourself unsoiled, it is because others have dirtied themselves in your place.’
    • ‘For her sake I hope they were relatively unsoiled - the owner may not have necessarily thrown them out of appreciation.’
    • ‘He tore strips off what unsoiled bits and pieces remained of his uniform, creating crude bandages and applying them as best as he could.’
    • ‘The Greens have it easier, being the party of the altruistic middle-class whose hands are unsoiled by the affairs of the business world.’
    • ‘Lin rolled his eyes some, shoving his unsoiled hands into his pockets.’
    • ‘She took one last swallow of unsoiled air and proceeded on.’
    • ‘But when was the last time that you had a wallet full of unsoiled, uncrumpled currency?’
    • ‘It was silvery white, of unsoiled reed flaxen silk.’
    washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned, polished
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