Definition of unsocial in English:



  • 1British (of the hours of work of a job) falling outside the normal working day and thus socially inconvenient.

    • ‘They want a lot more from these talks, especially on issues like unsocial hours premiums, which under the current proposals would make them worse off.’
    • ‘A majority of mothers and 79 per cent of fathers frequently work at unsocial hours.’
    • ‘We are regularly told of the acute shortage of surgeons and nurses: could the health trust find the extra medical expertise, willing to work unsocial hours, it would require?’
    • ‘Staff are often parents who work unsocial hours to allow stores to open whenever is most convenient to customers.’
    • ‘Furthermore, better unsocial hours patient care is surely likely when provided by dedicated night shift doctors instead of GPs dragged back out of bed after a day of surgeries and home visits?’
    • ‘Working long and unsocial hours is a ‘requirement of the job rather than a choice’, according to 75 percent of mothers surveyed.’
    • ‘The pay was low and the hours were often unsocial.’
    • ‘The fare rises are being introduced to encourage taxi drivers to work during unsocial hours.’
    • ‘He argued that most consultants already work unsocial hours, but this is not written down in their agreements, nor is it properly resourced.’
    • ‘Many of these are women and black workers in low status, low paid jobs with unsocial hours.’
    • ‘They work long and often unsocial hours, take public responsibility and face many stressful situations which other groups of workers rarely do.’
    • ‘I was disappointed to see very few (if any) contributions to the patients' issue from doctors who currently face patients in an emergency, at unsocial hours, in dismal surroundings.’
    • ‘The defendant had put nearly £20,000, his life savings, into the post office believing he would ultimately become a partner but he worked long unsocial hours and was not rewarded.’
    • ‘The driver goes out in the foulest weather conditions at the most unsocial hours to keep us safe.’
    • ‘In essence, the new contract offered more money in return for accepting greater managerial control and the potential to be obliged to work unsocial hours.’
    • ‘Many social workers work unsocial hours and work incredibly hard.’
    • ‘The introduction of new lower rates of pay for working unsocial hours, which would have been a major cause of workers being worse off, has been postponed until April 2006.’
    • ‘Many young journalists, or student journalists, work unsocial hours at rates of pay that have not increased for at least four years.’
    • ‘They are also angered at delays to carry out reviews of pay levels for work at unsocial hours and weekends and the withholding of additional payments.’
    • ‘Carers therefore often have little control over the amount of time they work, and many care agencies do not pay more for these unsocial hours.’
    reserved, introvert, introverted, self-contained, reticent, discreet, uncommunicative, non-communicative, media-shy, unforthcoming, secretive, retiring, ungregarious, unsociable, withdrawn, solitary, insular, reclusive, hermit-like, hermitic
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  • 2Causing annoyance and disapproval in others; antisocial.

    ‘the unsocial behaviour of young teenagers’
    • ‘Your report ended with a quote from an unnamed Leeds City Council spokesman to the effect that many local residents are concerned that providing the equipment would lead to noisy and unsocial behaviour.’
    • ‘It was designed to tackle unsocial behaviour such as loud music, rowdy or offensive behaviour or dog control in Braintree, Witham and Halstead, by getting those responsible to sign a contract promising to mend their ways.’
    • ‘The thing was that, with Jakey, the good days were when he was just unsocial with everybody and the bad days were when he cried for our parents or me with little break.’
    • ‘One must be constantly alert to the hazard of maverick cyclists and uneven pavements, and you may suffer a tirade of abuse from those who now own the world, should you criticise them for unsocial behaviour.’
    • ‘A new group has been formed which will look into ways of putting an end to unsocial behaviour, which has been causing concern to many residents in the area.’
    • ‘He answered questions from the floor on law and order issues and said that loutish and unsocial behaviour would not be tolerated.’
    • ‘However they are adamant that they will not be ‘unfairly imposed upon to accept further abuse through property damage, theft and general unsocial behaviour’.’
    • ‘There can be nothing more unsocial and callous than smoking in a crowded public place such as a cinema or a bus stand.’
    • ‘Fighting the most popular storytelling medium is not only a losing battle and horribly snobbish but unsocial too.’
    • ‘Deputy Sen O Fearghail, who also heads the Cill Dara Housing Association, said in the CYMS on Friday, that unsocial behaviour among tenants would not be tolerated.’
    • ‘Somehow the town needs to regain ownership and pride in the river, rather than turn our backs so we can hide from the unsocial behaviour in its bed.’
    • ‘While crime, scams, and general unsocial behavior has been on the rise in Pattaya for some time, there seems to be a disturbing trend with Thais putting guns to the heads of foreigners.’
    • ‘The road-hogging game will also help to create an awareness of the unsocial and dangerous road behaviour out there.’
    • ‘‘Gardaí have been called there on numerous occasions and there's a lot of unsocial behaviour going on,’ he said.’
    • ‘They also have a very powerful kick, to be avoided at all costs, and have most unsocial habits like peeing on your foot or leaving large deposits for you to stand in.’
    • ‘On the one hand, he follows the exploits of the boys, without digging too deep into motivation or sexuality, and on the other stays personal with Cassie, without attempting to explain her unsocial behaviour.’
    objectionable, offensive, beyond the pale, unacceptable, asocial, distasteful
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  • 3Not seeking the company of others.

    ‘mountain goats are relatively unsocial’
    • ‘My guess would be that either you think I am unsocial, or you believe I am about to take over the world and want in.’
    • ‘It doesn't seem that people are particularly unsocial now that they've got cell phones, they just have this cell phone addiction that they have to get over first.’
    • ‘‘You may think him bookish and unsocial now, but as he matures he'll come to love the court, as you do.’’
    • ‘A few chairs were filled with unsocial people that seemed to already know each other.’
    • ‘Those things made me uncomfortable and even more unsocial.’
    • ‘I like people, I'm just unsocial because of my hearing, not antisocial.’
    • ‘What would happen when shy, unsocial girl meets with cold, gang boy?’
    • ‘Through this isolation, people have become unsocial and full of apprehension about trusting or opening up to each other.’
    • ‘Honestly Frank, I hired you because of your ability to be unapologetically unsocial.’
    • ‘My initial reaction was that he was unfriendly or unsocial, but that was far from the case.’
    • ‘Watching her 13-year-old daughter falter in her studies and become more and more unsocial has firmed Yang's decision to divorce.’