Definition of unsociableness in English:



  • See unsociable

    • ‘Yes, his present feeling of unsociableness went deeper than mere fatigue: it was a kind of deliberate turning-in on himself.’
    • ‘Researchers found no statistically significant differences among such children in the prevalence of emotional or behavioral problems such as unsociableness, emotional difficulty, hyperactivity, or conduct problems.’
    • ‘Apologies in advance for not coming to the party tonight - a severe attack of unsociableness has left me needing to stay in all weekend… Hope it's a good'un and with any luck I'll see you soon!’
    • ‘Some people were entranced by Széchenyi's impetuousness; others considered his unpredictable mood changes to be signs of unsociableness and unreliability.’
    • ‘His stature was reduced, his unsociableness seemed modified; he now looked to be a smallish, friendless person.’