Definition of unshrinking in English:



  • Unhesitating; fearless.

    • ‘Neill is in the business of making Meryl Streep, Holly Hunter, and Judy Davis look good; it could be argued that these unshrinking violets have given their finest performances opposite him.’
    • ‘There must be a magistracy that is unshrinking in the execution of the laws.’
    • ‘Invoking the spirit of our forefathers, the army asks your unshrinking support, to the end that the high ideals for which America stands may endure upon the earth.’
    • ‘What Sayre admired was not some vague nobility that she found among the London exiles, but their unshrinking and ongoing commitment to radical goals.’
    • ‘He's opinionated, frank and unshrinking in both his criticisms and his defense of players, coaches and referees.’
    brave, fearless, courageous, valorous, plucky, intrepid, heroic, stout-hearted, lionhearted, manly, manful, bold, daring, audacious, gallant, confident, spirited, stout, undaunted, dauntless, doughty, mettlesome, unalarmed, unflinching, unblenching, unabashed, undismayed
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