Definition of unshorn in English:



  • Not cut or shorn.

    ‘the men left their locks unshorn’
    • ‘I hate the shaggy, unshorn look he has going on now; I like my men clean-cut for the most part, but some can get away with the scruffy look, or the long hair…’
    • ‘The mark of royalty at that time was unshorn locks.’
    • ‘It knelt in the centre of its pen with three woolly, unshorn friends, contentedly chewing the cud.’
    • ‘‘The organisation behind the course was immense, over 100 sheep are needed every day and pens are needed for shorn and unshorn sheep from different flocks,’ he said.’
    • ‘Ms. McAndrew is used to doing business with hikers down from the trail who arrive in town with gaunt faces, mud-stained boots and unshorn locks.’
    hairy, hirsute, bushy, thick, woolly, fleecy, long-haired, unshorn, uncut, shock-headed
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