Definition of unshorn in English:



  • Not cut or shorn.

    ‘the men left their locks unshorn’
    • ‘The turban is an article of faith and must be worn by all baptized Sikh males to cover their unshorn hair.’
    • ‘The mark of royalty at that time was unshorn locks.’
    • ‘It knelt in the centre of its pen with three woolly, unshorn friends, contentedly chewing the cud.’
    • ‘His gray beard and unshorn hair was filthy, tattered and matted, and his clothes mere rags, but he had a scabbard incongruously strapped to his waist, jeweled hilt gleaming under layers of grime.’
    • ‘By that time I had begun to preserve the unshorn and unclipped long hair but I could never believe in the mythology and doctrines of Sikhism or, any other religion.’
    • ‘Ms. McAndrew is used to doing business with hikers down from the trail who arrive in town with gaunt faces, mud-stained boots and unshorn locks.’
    • ‘He wears his hair long, keeps his beard unshorn and listens to kirtans.’
    • ‘‘The organisation behind the course was immense, over 100 sheep are needed every day and pens are needed for shorn and unshorn sheep from different flocks,’ he said.’
    • ‘He was gaunt, unshorn (razor blades had been rationed before the rebellion, and now it was virtually impossible to get one), his dark brown hair tied back in an unfashionable short ponytail.’
    • ‘Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith, started the practice of keeping hair unshorn because keeping it in a natural state is regarded as living in harmony with the will of God.’
    • ‘The Cubs were hanging around first place in the National League Central Division, and one unshorn patron fervently derided their chances of making it to the play-offs.’
    • ‘I hate the shaggy, unshorn look he has going on now; I like my men clean-cut for the most part, but some can get away with the scruffy look, or the long hair…’
    hairy, hirsute, bushy, thick, woolly, fleecy, long-haired, uncut, shock-headed
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