Definition of unshielded in English:



  • Not protected or shielded.

    ‘he sank to his knees, leaving her unshielded’
    • ‘The standard in commercial installations and in new homes where data applications are likely to be found is a jacketed, unshielded cable that contains four twisted pairs.’
    • ‘Without the membrane that encloses its fragile components, the molecular machinery of life would be unshielded from the harsh forces of its surrounding environment and would be torn apart before it could do its work.’
    • ‘Opponents of open markets frequently claim that unshielded exposure to foreign competition is destroying the U.S. manufacturing base.’
    • ‘Marianne V. Moore of Wellesley College says these areas, along with coastal waters, are at higher risk than other habitats in developed areas because they are unshielded and openly exposed to light.’
    • ‘By not spraying light indiscriminately as is done with unshielded fixtures, the desired illuminance level can be maintained by focusing the light to the proper location and reducing the light bulb's power consumption.’
    • ‘Officials say the researchers are the first to evaluate data rate handling capacity for overhead medium voltage unshielded U.S. electric power lines.’
    • ‘No one can venture more than a hypothetical guess about the effects of living in unshielded space for so long.’
    • ‘However the ribbon cable is unshielded, so you may have noise problems, depending on the environment in which they are used.’
    • ‘It is worn on the sword hand's wrist, ostensibly to guard the unshielded part of the arm.’
    • ‘Because of the natural tendency of each hoplite to seek protection for his unshielded right side in the shield of his companion on the right, the entire phalanx often drifted rightward in its approach.’
    • ‘With an unshielded Nokia, for instance, it was possible to walk 4.6 metres into the room with the antenna down, before losing the signal.’
    • ‘The four ships began pouring fire and missiles alike into the unshielded rear of their comrades, the gunboat's few bomber's plasma bombs sent huge balls of fire up where ever they hit.’
    • ‘In an unshielded spacecraft, both types of radiation would result in significant health problems, or death, to the crew.’
    • ‘At night, over-lit businesses and unshielded floodlights on hundreds of rental houses keep the sky pale.’
    • ‘His AC power was transmitted at much higher voltages than the DC alternative, making it potentially lethal if unshielded workers touched live wires.’
    • ‘Slowly she unshielded her face and lifted herself to her feet, looking around for the person she heard only a few seconds ago.’
    • ‘Plus, at the levels necessary to do that, the radiation would harm any human that is unshielded.’
    • ‘‘Sounds here as if you may be using an unshielded cable between the pc and the hifi receiver?’’
    • ‘Nowadays, Ethernet runs over shielded and unshielded twisted pair copper, coaxial, and fully EMI-resistant fiber-optic cable.’
    in danger, in peril, in jeopardy, at risk, endangered, unsafe, unprotected, ill-protected, unguarded
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