Definition of unsheltered in English:



  • Not sheltered or protected:

    ‘a square sandstone building unsheltered by any trees’
    • ‘I'm standing in the freezing rain at an unsheltered bus stop with 20 others one afternoon the last week of April.’
    • ‘Until an accurate means of counting both sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons is implemented nationwide, we won't have any way of assessing who is chronically homeless and if and how they are being helped.’
    • ‘Never have I driven in such a wind, for a large part until the route brings one into Newcastle city the road is unsheltered from the sea and we took a sustained battering from heavy sidewinds.’
    • ‘Her tree house sank beneath the mesh of tree branches her roof funneled through and if she wished, she mounted a ladder to the top and bathed unsheltered in the sun's radiance.’
    • ‘The division was removed after this time, and a lizard entered the unsheltered end of the cage.’
    • ‘She lay there, a distressed, unsheltered, senseless creature.’
    • ‘There was an unsheltered stretch of land between myself and the dense forest, to which I'd sent Nicholas.’
    • ‘The second stage of the project will take between 12 and 18 months and will involve the construction of unsheltered storages.’
    • ‘But New Plymouth's unsheltered coast produced some large breakers, often making the trip from ship to shore or vice versa a treacherous one.’
    • ‘An opinion issued this May, by Virginia's Attorney General also made it possible for unsheltered homeless citizens to register to vote in the state.’
    • ‘A green-gray balaclava obduces his otherwise unsheltered head.’
    • ‘Baltimore Harbour is congested, unsafe and unsheltered.’
    • ‘If you are standing still you will only get wet on the top of your head/shoulders and anything else unsheltered and pointing straight up.’
    • ‘It is holding 360 captured fighters in Kandahar in an unsheltered stockade, exposed to the bitter winter cold.’
    • ‘All he could think of was the fledgling out in the cold and muck; unsheltered, alone, weakened already by sickness or injury.’
    • ‘And that quickly, his warmth was gone and she was left feeling cold, alone and unsheltered.’
    • ‘Any sharper and they would have reduced his unsheltered face to shreds.’
    • ‘Commuters were battered on the then unsheltered platforms at Flinders Street railway station, horses bolted, and hailstones filled the cable tram tracks.’
    • ‘Are the powers so cold and unfeeling as to allow me to be hungry and unsheltered?’
    • ‘The self propelled howitzer is designed to defeat unsheltered and covered manpower, weapons and materiel to division level.’
    bare, exposed, desolate, stark, arid, desert, denuded, lunar, open, empty, windswept
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