Definition of unsheathed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃiːðd//ʌnˈʃiːθt/


  • Not placed in or protected by a sheath or covering.

    ‘all unsheathed wires must be enclosed in a non-combustible housing’
    • ‘Attempting to recover her was a man in his late teens, with ice blue hair and an unsheathed long sword gleaming in the morning sunlight.’
    • ‘An unsheathed sword lay beside the candles on the tabletop, its blade dark and silent.’
    • ‘He could make out the glint of staves and unsheathed swords through the swirling dust.’
    • ‘The hands have been cantilevered to feel light, so one moment they are delicate as butterfly wings, the next they're as terrifying as unsheathed claws.’
    • ‘Rumiko came out of the kitchen, and saw Ryuji holding his unsheathed sword.’
    • ‘Avatar ran as fast as he could to the portal, but all of a sudden, Eirina came in front of him with an unsheathed sword.’
    • ‘She whipped around and grabbed the great saber from Spade's back and placed the unsheathed blade before Tyran.’
    • ‘It is ironic that his tomb effigy should show him brandishing an unsheathed sword.’
    • ‘Emid quickly opened the door, holding his unsheathed Katana to his side.’
    • ‘I could hear a faint creak of wood and above that a steady tick, clack: unsheathed claws on the floor.’
    • ‘Two daggers and an unsheathed longsword were buckled at his waist, and there seemed to be more knives enclosed in his boots.’
    • ‘Kira step out onto the porch to find Midnight, snarling perilously with her unsheathed claws digging into the ground.’
    • ‘He used to wrap up an unsheathed dagger in a towel to carry with him.’
    • ‘A katana appeared in front of her, unsheathed and gleaming deadly sharp.’
    • ‘Finally, she was released but an unsheathed sword warned her to stay still and silent.’
    • ‘Never put unsheathed scissors in your knitting bag with your project.’