Definition of unsheathe in English:



[with object]
  • Draw or pull out (a knife, sword, or similar weapon) from its sheath or covering.

    ‘Alexei unsheathed the dagger’
    • ‘Ben yelled out as he rushed to unsheathe his sword.’
    • ‘Matthias runs over to his pack and unsheathes his knife as well.’
    • ‘Before she had time to unsheathe her sword again, the man was upon her, another dagger drawn matching the first.’
    • ‘They walked outside, unsheathing their swords, then got into position.’
    • ‘‘This is going to be most difficult,’ he explained, unsheathing his sword moments later.’
    • ‘He stood there, sword still sheathed, but judging from his stance, he could easily unsheathe his sword and attack her.’
    • ‘‘That's what you think,’ Alex said unsheathing his sword.’
    • ‘The man dodged the swing easily, jumping back and unsheathing his sword in the process.’
    • ‘He stood up and brushed himself off, unsheathing his sword.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry about it,’ I said, unsheathing my sword and doing a few warm-up swings.’
    • ‘I slowly approached it, unsheathing my swords at the same time, the sheath being slipped under my belt behind me.’
    • ‘Blaise pulled himself to his feet, unsheathing his sword and heading towards the door.’
    • ‘Glancing back, he nodded once to the dozen men hiding in various positions behind him and moved forward, unsheathing his sword silently as he did so.’
    • ‘She rushed at him, unsheathing her twin swords.’
    • ‘She wiped away her tears just before unsheathing her sword.’
    • ‘He jumped up, unsheathing his own sword that hung at his waist.’
    • ‘Without thinking, she reached under her trailing cape to unsheathe her sword.’
    • ‘They leapt off their horses, tied them to the wooden fence and made their way up the steps, unsheathing their weapons.’
    • ‘Hero and the other guardians stood in front of the royal quintet, unsheathing their weapons and creating a perimeter around their lieges.’
    • ‘She clumsily tried to unsheathe her sword from her pack while trying to keep up.’
    take out, draw out, bring out, pull out, remove, withdraw, pluck out, fish out, prize out, extricate
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