Definition of unshaven in English:



  • Not having recently shaved or been shaved.

    ‘Mark was unshaven and looked exhausted’
    ‘his pale, unshaven face’
    • ‘His once bouffant hairdo had looked lank and stringy, and the perfectly unshaven designer stubble could not hide the lines on his face.’
    • ‘I'm unshaven, hungover and on a bus heading to a detention centre.’
    • ‘He was haggard, unshaven, half manic with lack of sleep.’
    • ‘He likes having meaningful conversations, going out with friends and lazing around unshaven during off days.’
    • ‘He had curly black hair, was unshaven and had a local accent.’
    • ‘He is 5ft 4ins tall, of stocky build, with short brown curly hair and is unshaven.’
    • ‘A portly man was already in there, looking rather casual and unshaven.’
    • ‘At that time, he cut a sorry figure, often looking tired and unshaven, and he told this paper that he had contemplated suicide.’
    • ‘He was unshaven and had short shaved brown hair, gelled on top, brown eyes and wore a black jacket.’
    • ‘With his long, flowing hair and unshaven chin, he may look like a folk-rocker who has just awoken from a 30-year nap.’
    • ‘The unshaven Moodley later walked to the dock in trainers without laces.’
    • ‘Grimy and unshaven, he grinned gaptoothed, and returned the gesture.’
    • ‘As always, they were dirty, unshaven and reeking of vodka.’
    • ‘The last thought brought a smile back to his unshaven face.’
    • ‘He wanders around Manhattan, unshaven, unbathed, and smoking and cussing a lot.’
    • ‘Besieged by the media, he's as unsophisticated as he is unshaven.’
    • ‘He has a strong jawline and is unshaven, the mark of a man who has recently given up his day job.’
    • ‘They appeared in court unshaven and in casual clothes.’
    • ‘His thick hair was tied backward into a clasped horse-tail, and his stubble unshaven as ever.’
    • ‘He was unshaven at the time of the robbery and had long locks.’
    hairy, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered, long-haired, woolly, furry, fleecy, fuzzy
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