Definition of unshared in English:



  • Not shared with or by another or others.

    ‘most of those placed in hostels would prefer unshared, independent accommodation’
    • ‘Or you can become really, really greedy, like any number of people we know, their desk drawers rustling with the crinkle of unshared sweets.’
    • ‘Stasser's chapter on unshared information indicates that group members tend to share only common information.’
    • ‘Three unshared genes in rice and one unshared gene in maize were given alphabetical designations.’
    • ‘In a deliberating group, shared information (information held by many or most) usually has a much bigger effect than unshared information (information held by a few or just one).’
    • ‘So the term personality came to mean not only the non-material, interior character of a human being, but also what is distinctive and unshared.’
    • ‘Schizophrenics express their thoughts in incoherent ways and harbor beliefs unshared by others, usually encompassing a suspicion that they are targets of attention.’
    • ‘For that reason, he says, economists call an unshared idea a form of ‘impacted information,’ meaning that it is hobbled by a breakdown in market forces.’
    • ‘Knowledge comes of shared experience while ignorance and incomprehension of the other can be the consequences of time unshared.’
    • ‘Nor was Shakespeare's perspective on Essex unshared.’
    • ‘Your family has a plethora of unshared secrets, pet,’ the stranger murmured in a soothing, deep voice.’
    • ‘At last in 1963 a test-ban treaty was signed; and Pauling was awarded the Nobel peace prize for 1962, making him the only person to receive two unshared Nobel prizes.’
    • ‘You take the bowl to the window, sitting upon the ledge, watching the street as people walk back and forth in the dying sunlight, their faces lowered, problems unshared.’
    • ‘Eastern groundwater basin is an unshared groundwater basin as both recharge and storage areas are located within the boundaries of the West Bank.’
    • ‘The players are asking to raise the ceiling to 70 percent - with the unshared revenues as part of the pool.’
    • ‘In its place, we now have a ‘balkanized’ group of subcultures whose members pursue their separate, unshared interests in an unprecedented variety of ways.’
    • ‘What's more, as the argument goes, this will have a significant impact on the 3G business plan as UK operators can break even in 2008-an estimated year and a half earlier than operators with unshared networks.’
    • ‘A mothers' movement perhaps could be based not so much on our shared values as on indifference to our unshared values.’
    • ‘Last year, I was assigned to my own, unshared locker and I had a feeling that it wasn't coincidental.’
    • ‘Every unshared moment of delight becomes the occasion for fear, envy, and jealousy.’
    • ‘So be discerning in selecting your audience - and aware that certain confidences are possibly better left unshared.’
    complete, full, total, whole, entire, out-and-out, absolute, unqualified, unadulterated, unalloyed, unreserved, unmitigated, unbroken, solid, consistent, thorough, concentrated, exclusive, dedicated, wholehearted, sincere, consummate
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