Definition of unshaped in English:



  • Having a vague, ill-formed, or unfinished shape.

    ‘his hair was unshaped and straggling’
    ‘with her he saw a future, a dim unshaped outline of possibility’
    • ‘From what she could see, the fortress was made of all cobblestone and grey, unshaped brick.’
    • ‘Anything unshaped, such as a bandeau top, will flatten and hide them.’
    • ‘Both the pits were filled with filler materials - several layers of slightly bigger unshaped stones and sand.’
    • ‘Lie would go on to defend his Olympia title unopposed the following year. ‘It wasn't until 1969 that a challenger to his throne would emerge, in the massive, if yet unshaped, form of Arnold Schwarzenegger.’
    • ‘The crucial points are that a technology does not need to be the best to become the ‘dominant design’ and, all technologies follow an unshaped path.’
    • ‘The employer, notionally, gives the workman an unshaped plank of wood, and receives in return a plank that has been sawn and nailed.’
    • ‘To show an entire body - one that isn't chopped up into parts or covered with electrodes - would be to show a normal human unshaped by technology.’
    • ‘This was because the shaping of the plank ends to fit an unshaped end post was very expensive in timber - and you could get a better seal with the larger sealing area provided by a shaped post.’
    • ‘Suddenly, all those first inklings of vocation that stirred in childhood, the unshaped consciousness of call, the inner yearnings and searchings, are brought into sharp focus.’
    • ‘Further, and more important: rooting the superiority of Christianity in its relation to our ‘experience ‘supposes that we can describe that experience in neutral terms, unshaped by the perspective with which we began.’
    • ‘Aristotle is there speaking of the boundless with regard to matter unshaped by form; this is infinity imagined in terms of quantity.’
    • ‘Now that is in the period of history when man is shaping his world out of a wild, savage, unshaped world.’
    • ‘Her hair remained in the offcenter wedge cut, half of it chinlength and layered, the other half kneelength and unshaped, glossy red like maple trees in autumn.’
    • ‘The strength is that of the unconscious mind, the unshaped and unfocused will.’
    • ‘All Rhizocephala are parasites, with a completely unshaped adult morphology, lacking any trace of segmentation.’
    • ‘Nature unshaped by human hands somehow stands as a judgment on us - we have not lived up to our potential and our obligations… All disease should be eliminated or at least countered.’
    vague, indefinite, unspecific, unclear, obscure, nebulous, indistinct, some kind of
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