Definition of unshakenly in English:



  • See unshaken

    • ‘My family has unshakenly been there throughout every minute change that has happened, and they have, without question, supported me through everything.’
    • ‘I believe that Dumbledore, though admittedly mistaken in some of his choices, could not have been so unshakenly trusting of Snape if there was not some irrefutable proof of his loyalty.’
    • ‘The Orthodox Church was never subject to a single externally authoritarian organization and it unshakenly was held together by the strength of internal tradition and not by any external authority.’
    • ‘Indeed, the film is surprising in its unshakenly pragmatic outlook.’
    • ‘Reps and Dems will remain unshakenly indignant (for different reasons, of course) in their mutual admiration societies.’