Definition of unsettlement in English:



  • See unsettle

    • ‘Not once had this elder, who I'd talked with numerous times, ever tried to talk with me and mention this in a manner that indicated discomfort or unsettlement on her part.’
    • ‘But that unsettlement is unconscious - you naturally don't like the idea of a killer on the loose, and though it's tangential and seemingly unrelated, the concepts are stuck in the back of your mind.’
    • ‘Moreover, the coining of the term ‘information society’ seems to give some intellectual order to the confusion and unsettlement caused by what appears as an unusually rapid period of change.’
    • ‘The behind-the-scenes unsettlement has already had a serious effect on the on-pitch performance of the Brewers, who have lost every single game since the move was announced.’
    • ‘A council spokesman added: ‘There are many areas of the town where the parking and traffic problem is a major source of tension and unsettlement.’’