Definition of unserious in English:



  • Not serious; light-hearted.

    ‘he defended himself with an unserious disingenuousness’
    • ‘And it is this disdain for the other kind of ambition that has led observers to describe him as unserious.’
    • ‘Books like this - histories of distant lands or periods - tend to be either overly academic, focusing on very specific times or questions or they are bland and unserious.’
    • ‘But what strikes me is how unserious many commentators are.’
    • ‘While Dean admitted as much last January, he then described his admission as a bit of unserious humor just last week.’
    • ‘The term has an unserious tone to my ear, like the old ‘identity crisis.’’
    • ‘And if there's no easy solution, how will our unserious press and politicians deal with it?’
    • ‘And the claims of liberal legalists that they can somehow be sterilized by the application of theory of rights are simply spurious and morally unserious.’
    • ‘It is very disheartening to read all these admonitions to this nascent antiwar movement saying that the participants are somehow being unserious.’
    • ‘But if your intention in writing this piece was actually to persuade the undecided, your unserious tone and glib elision of important foundational arguments has defeated your intent.’
    • ‘And that tells voters (as it probably should) that you're inconstant and unserious.’
    • ‘We're always trying to be the most unserious band you can imagine.’
    • ‘At first this sounds ridiculous, indeed unserious.’
    • ‘But reliance on the reconstruction of pre-modern cities a century ago, or on the rebuilding of a few blocks of New York, is so obviously misplaced in this context as to be unserious.’
    • ‘Although occasional moments ring true, most of the film is unserious.’
    • ‘One of the panellists - who's kind of a friend of mine - says I shouldn't say ‘cool’ because it makes me sound unserious.’
    • ‘I begin in this unserious way because the contributors themselves often adopt a light touch.’
    • ‘So the story has it, but it doesn't strike me as unplausible; musicians can be utterly unserious people right up to the moment they pick up the instrument and produce something absolutely heartfelt and true.’
    • ‘I hate to ask you to comment on unserious things.’
    • ‘It's an unserious allegation that merits no serious response.’
    • ‘It sometimes fails to be recognised that he is seriously unserious.’
    nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned, lacking concern, indifferent, blasé, heedless, relaxed, calm, equable, equanimous, serene, composed, casual, easy, easy-going, airy, breezy, carefree, free and easy, free from care, free from worry, happy-go-lucky, light-hearted, frivolous
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