Definition of unsentimentally in English:



  • See unsentimental

    • ‘Most touchingly of all, his parents, whose story he lovingly told in Ethel and Ernest, are shown unsentimentally on the mortuary trolley at the end of their quiet, blameless lives.’
    • ‘Calmly, unsentimentally, and with extraordinary compassion, he has marshalled the city's heroic police, fire and emergency services to admirable effect and, alas, with huge loss of life.’
    • ‘In these and other lovely poems, Black is convincingly, unsentimentally affirmative about daily life.’
    • ‘Ozu marvelously - and unsentimentally - depicts the secret society of unsupervised boys with its hierarchies and reversals, a feat helped no end by his charming young leads, who must be very old men by now, if they're alive at all.’
    • ‘Haran and Kearney write compassionately but unsentimentally about the young soldiers who were seriously wounded in the war.’