Definition of unsellable in English:



  • Not able to be sold, or very difficult to sell.

    ‘many of the houses are unsellable’
    • ‘Sterilization is unnecessary and unsellable.’
    • ‘Since reunification thousands of plattenbau, which means panel construction, have been demolished in Dresden, Magdeburg and Leipzig, while many more are unsellable and unrentable.’
    • ‘For a start, the unpalatable truth is that the PC is in real danger of becoming an unsellable product.’
    • ‘Smailes points out, however, that some homes are just unsellable.’
    • ‘Yet I've heard from the publishing industry in the past that academia tends to produce uncommercial / unsellable writing.’
    • ‘On the top marble of the entranceway was engraved "Nothing is impossible" but it might as well have been "Nothing is unsellable"’
    • ‘The London-based Arts Lost Register (ALR) said the two works, Madame Baccelli by Thomas Gainsborough and View of Florence by Bernardo Belloto, together worth £ 3 million, were unsellable.’
    • ‘Yet Nimbus shares, in big blocks, have been virtually unsellable for a long time.’
    • ‘They are both currently politically unsellable.’
    • ‘Those living more than 100 meters from the line are not entitled to any compensation even though many of their homes are unsellable and devalued by over 50 per cent.’
    • ‘The fact that many farms in County Carlow were unsellable as proved by recent auctions, shows the real story and unattractiveness of farm-ing, " Senator Browne contended.’
    • ‘They sit around in the house for an undefined period… going nowhere, getting in the way, getting gradually more and more damaged until they are unsellable.’
    • ‘Selby flood victims said today they were "gobsmacked" after homes they thought might be unsellable were "selling like hot cakes."’
    • ‘Growing numbers of homes are unsold and unsellable.’
    • ‘With our luck, if we had anything drinkable it would probably be unsellable.’
    • ‘Justine Greening, shadow Treasury minister, said many cars would become virtually unsellable as a result.’
    • ‘Ghana has been flooded with cheap tomatoes, grown in European Union countries and subsidised by EU taxpayers, making his own efforts unsellable.’
    • ‘The situation will only get worse as the number of unsellable animals increases.’
    • ‘They desperately wanted to move, but their house was unsellable.’
    • ‘The paintings, Madam Bacelli by Thomas Gainsborough, worth 2.5m, and The Scene of Florence by Bernado Belloto, worth 1.27m, have not been seen since, but are considered unsellable.’
    faulty, flawed, defective, shoddy, unsound, unsaleable, unfit, inferior, second-rate, below par, below standard, substandard
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