Definition of unselfish in English:



  • Willing to put the needs or wishes of others before one's own.

    ‘unselfish devotion’
    • ‘An Irish citizen has never been president, and it will also make you look unselfish, noble and statesman-like.’
    • ‘Never in my wildest column-writing fantasies did I imagine a response so generous and unselfish.’
    • ‘She thanked the men and women of the Irish Defence Forces for their courage, dedication and unselfish humanity.’
    • ‘She described him as not perfect, yet unselfish, as loving with a marvelous sense of humor and a great intellect.’
    • ‘He's a generous, unselfish actor at the best of times and here, at the worst of times, he does not appear to mind having his scenes stolen by a rabbit and a bird.’
    • ‘Sr Mary's unselfish life touched so many people in so very many ways and her passing leaves an emptiness that can never be filled.’
    • ‘It inspires others by its unselfish example and holds out hope of even more effective public action in days to come.’
    • ‘Given her record of altruism and unselfish service to the Irish people we can be sure that is what she would wish.’
    • ‘Each power insisted that empire building was, in part, unselfish, even noble.’
    • ‘Kamil was a clean-living man with high moral values and he was completely unselfish, caring and gentle.’
    • ‘Are they snotty suburban materialists or caring and unselfish community leaders?’
    • ‘In fact, the liturgy should consider unselfish love and joyful praise as the most important element of liturgical service.’
    • ‘The truth that von Trier seeks in his work is realised in this performance, which affects the whole cast with an unselfish generosity.’
    • ‘Now suppose that voters behave as unselfish, disinterested judges of what is best.’
    • ‘Sisters Rutter and Hyde were later awarded an MBE each for their unselfish devotion and care.’
    • ‘This year they are paying tribute to Marion Donoghue for her unselfish work and assistance to the association during the past years.’
    • ‘Absolute unity and unselfish leadership are two pressing imperatives stressed by many participants at the seminar.’
    • ‘His unselfish and noble virtues have earned him huge respect across all shades of political opinion.’
    • ‘The point is, these people gave of themselves in such unselfish ways and cared enough to point me in the right direction.’
    • ‘Not only may they do better if the person carrying them is unselfish, altruistic, and principled, but it is easy to see why this should be so.’
    altruistic, disinterested, selfless, self-denying, self-forgetting, self-sacrificing
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