Definition of unselfconsciously in English:



  • See unselfconscious

    • ‘This, however, may have been the result of performing in a play where teenagers can intelligently and unselfconsciously discuss Thomas Hardy, Wilfred Owen, W. H. Auden, and Stevie Smith.’
    • ‘When the candidates lined up one by one to be photographed beside her, McDonough held each person's hand, said something friendly and smiled unselfconsciously until the flash in the camera went off.’
    • ‘But when you see a friend really enjoying his money and spending it unselfconsciously on the things he really likes, at the same time inviting others to share in his good fortune, you can't feel envious.’
    • ‘But the torrent of sex content never feels gratuitous, partly thanks to the actors' uninhibited performances: they indulge themselves so unselfconsciously that we're loath to turn prudish.’
    • ‘Bravely and unselfconsciously, this generous actress looks middle-aged, yet with that gangly tomboyish essence that allows her to play young without resorting to cosmetic artifice or girly-girl coyness.’