Definition of unselective in English:



  • Not selective.

    ‘a devout and unselective fan’
    ‘medical radiation treatment is unselective—X-rays damage all the tissues in their path’
    • ‘Here was a violent, dangerous and aggressive psychopath with a long criminal record who was totally unselective in his approach to women.’
    • ‘The fact the lottery is entirely random, and therefore unselective, seems to have been temporarily forgotten.’
    • ‘However, such an unselective policy has resulted in inestimable numbers of unnecessary exposures to radiation for little diagnostic yield.’
    • ‘These findings raised the possibility that the mutant Ant may form an unselective channel that causes mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death.’
    • ‘University-based programs in educational administration have been far too unselective in whom they admit and ‘train ‘for leadership roles.’
    • ‘Despite a nice list of Web sites, he neglects to note primary sources available in translation and is unselective about secondary literature.’
    • ‘The cost effectiveness of unselective ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms in older men is uncertain.’
    • ‘She was pretty but she was very outgoing and unselective, they were the main reasons she got so many guys.’
    • ‘The real environmental problems posed by genetically modified crops result not from genetic pollution but from the fact that most of them are designed to be doused with very powerful and unselective weed-killers.’
    • ‘A comparison of mean group size among the five diet classes revealed that selective feeders form smaller groups than unselective feeders.’
    • ‘I would also avoid unselective baits, such as maggots and worms, as one of the beauties of the method is that it attracts large numbers of small fish, which are likely to get to the hook bait before the target bream.’
    • ‘Some eight decades later, John Wolcot seizes on the founder of epic - indeed, of all poetry - as an exemplar of uncreative, unselective, plodding attention to detail.’
    • ‘‘With fish aggregation, you wind up taking a huge cross section of marine wildlife in a very unselective fishing method,’ says Scott Burns, World Wildlife Fund's marine stewardship counsel.’
    • ‘And in any event, wouldn't it have been helpful - both to listeners and to the victim's daughter - if the stories that mentioned Williams' nominations had stressed how unselective the nomination process really is?’
    • ‘Each marked branch per plant was assigned to one of the following treatments: control, unselective pollination exclusion, and nocturnal pollination exclusion.’
    • ‘Other key threats to the lynx are changing habitat, unselective trapping methods (many lynxes are killed by snares), road accidents and hunting (including deliberate and accidental shooting).’
    non-selective, undiscriminating, uncritical, aimless, hit-or-miss, haphazard, random, unsystematic, unmethodical
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