Definition of unseemly in English:



  • (of behaviour or actions) not proper or appropriate.

    ‘an unseemly squabble’
    • ‘It didn't attract any Christian protests although there were sometimes unseemly tussles in the stalls over opera glasses.’
    • ‘Actually, it is rank partisanship of the most unseemly kind.’
    • ‘However, to avoid an unseemly political spat, both Kiely and McEllistrim have been selected.’
    • ‘Here a high degree of competitiveness is regarded as distasteful or unseemly.’
    • ‘What a pity then that its arrival has precipitated an unseemly row and laid the foundation for more serious problems down the road for the game of golf.’
    • ‘They're worried that it might be a little bit unseemly for the candidate himself to be doing this.’
    • ‘It involves an unseemly scramble amongst the legislature so that it is seen to be doing ‘something’.’
    • ‘He was said to have killed more than one of his own men out-of-hand for lax or unseemly behaviour.’
    • ‘There has been an unseemly behind-the-scenes squabble within the public sector over tourism's fate.’
    • ‘She knew her behavior was unseemly, but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to care.’
    • ‘Neither should we fear that the unsaved will be driven away by what may appear to be unseemly behaviour.’
    • ‘But I still believe it is unseemly for him to disgrace the day with such a paranoid rant.’
    • ‘It would be unseemly to overreact, but it's prudent not to underreact as well.’
    • ‘‘The unseemly incident had to be split up by an abbot and a bishop,’ The Sun recalled.’
    • ‘One needs a spouse to keep accomplishments like these from assuming unseemly proportions.’
    • ‘As we know to our cost, there is nothing more stressful than an unseemly scramble for desperately needed points in the dying weeks of the season.’
    • ‘He apparently felt it was unseemly for a writer to fight for money, which might explain why he so rarely had any.’
    • ‘It is unusual, unseemly and unfair that any boss publishes in the press the performance report of a member of his staff.’
    • ‘Such unseemly conduct cannot exist without collaboration between an authoritarian power and an unchecked market.’
    • ‘It is why early suggestions were made that the matter should have been resolved before it reached this unseemly point.’
    indecorous, improper, inappropriate, unbecoming, unfitting, unbefitting, unsuitable, unworthy, undignified, unrefined, indiscreet, indelicate, ungentlemanly, unladylike, impolite
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