Definition of unseeing in English:



  • With one's eyes open but without noticing or seeing anything.

    ‘she gazed unseeing across the room’
    ‘blank unseeing eyes’
    • ‘After Ian was gone, Renee remained on the couch, her eyes open, unblinking, and unseeing.’
    • ‘Her eyes were blind to them, unseeing as they tried to get her attention.’
    • ‘But she looked past me, her eyes glazed and unseeing.’
    • ‘My sister, clutching her body as though in pain, rocked back and forth on her heels; lips open to silent sobs, eyes starring out empty and unseeing.’
    • ‘His blond hair was moist with his perspiration, and although his brown eyes were open, they were glazed and unseeing.’
    • ‘A pair of brown eyes stare, unseeing, at the hospital ceiling.’
    • ‘He twitched there on the ground; eyes open, yet unseeing.’
    • ‘Her eyes gazed straight ahead, glazed and unseeing.’
    • ‘Ark stared unseeing into the distance, shaking his head. ‘I can't believe it,’ he murmured.’
    • ‘His eyes were open, but unseeing, hazed over with a frightening coldness, unblinking.’
    • ‘But the dealers have made the most of such a complacent belief, conducting their sordid business in front of our unseeing eyes.’
    • ‘His eyes opened slightly, unseeing, totally engrossed by the concentration required of him.’
    • ‘My gaze drifted to the first guard, his eyes still wide open, forever gazing but unseeing, and I shook my head.’
    • ‘Morgan stared down at the carpet with unseeing eyes.’
    • ‘The wounded are lying on the floors and on beds, their unseeing eyes staring blankly ahead.’
    • ‘For there, stretched out in front of her, was Jack, his face slack, and his green eyes open but unseeing.’
    • ‘She gasped for breath, eyes wide, frightened, and unseeing.’
    • ‘For just a moment she lay still in bed, breathing hard with her eyes wide open and unseeing in the darkness.’
    • ‘When Blue goes to the park to investigate, he indeed finds a dead body, its eyes open and unseeing.’
    • ‘Rosa turned her head towards her mother, unseeing.’
    visually impaired, unsighted, sightless, visionless, stone blind, eyeless
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