Definition of unsectarian in English:



  • Not involving or relating to different religious sects or political groups.

    ‘a consistent advocate of compulsory, free, and unsectarian education’
    • ‘They also published an unsectarian religious paper, entitled the Western World.’
    • ‘In an unfortunate spirit of jealous rivalry, the various denominational colleges were not slow in seizing the opportunity to attack the commonwealth's unsectarian college.’
    • ‘He took part in the discussions on the government's policy towards popular education, favouring an unsectarian solution.’
    • ‘She favoured sound secular teaching and unsectarian Bible instruction.’
    • ‘Her links with the Christian Social Union encouraged in her an unsectarian broad-church outlook.’
    • ‘Like Updike, Wilbur thinks of himself as a Protestant Christian, although the moral nerve of his poems is wide and unsectarian.’
    • ‘He was consistently in favour of an unsectarian, national educational system.’
    • ‘That should not distract us from realising how unsectarian Scottish society has actually become.’
    • ‘His religion was unsectarian and practical, his daily life founded on the New Testament.’
    • ‘His eventual election as lord provost in 1843, in the changed religious atmosphere immediately surrounding the Disruption of that year, was seen as a triumph for unsectarian principles.’
    • ‘He was an undogmatic, unsectarian bridge-builder.’
    • ‘In time most of the evangelical Christians in the city promised to relieve the missionaries of the expense if they would build an unsectarian chapel more worthy of the object.’
    • ‘Committedly unsectarian, she joined the Fabians, the Social Democratic Federation, and the Independent Labour Party.’
    • ‘The purpose of the association was, first and foremost, to train young men to become "useful citizens" in an unsectarian, undenominational setting.’
    • ‘It was a relatively unsectarian occasion.’
    diverse, diversified, wide, broad, broad-based, eclectic, indiscriminate
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