Definition of unseasonable in English:



  • 1(of weather) unusual for the time of year:

    ‘an unseasonable warm spell’
    • ‘It was in the upper fifties or lower sixties tonight, and I'd say it was unseasonable but it was just as warm last year.’
    • ‘Monday's stage was reduced by 50 km due to bad weather - that included unseasonable snow flurries - at the original start town of Livigno.’
    • ‘And of course the story takes place in an unseasonable heatwave, so they get down to Horseshoe Bend and Carl is sweating, emaciated, very unwell, and on top of all of that, this October happens to be a hot one.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for the Japanese, unseasonable rain and fog managed to keep the fire from spreading beyond a small area, and it burned itself out.’
    • ‘Thursday and Friday were unseasonable warm days in Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, where thermometers read 32C, a record high for the past 50 years.’
    • ‘Three home draws in succession, including the semi-final, have helped; so has the dry, unseasonable weather that has done their expansive game no harm whatsoever.’
    • ‘There was a wonderful job done on the course and the greens were so slick despite the rain and unseasonable weather.’
    • ‘The day was warm and sultry and the unseasonable rain which punctuated the round failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the golfers.’
    • ‘Extreme and/or unseasonable weather will tend to trigger health imbalances in many people.’
    • ‘From the shrinking snowpack of Western Washington through the unseasonable fog and heat of California to the drought of Baja, something was up with the climate, and people were rattled.’
    • ‘The unseasonable rainy spell has certainly not dampened the spirits of the hardy young horticulturalists in Mr Rob's natural science class.’
    • ‘Each winter, a larger proportion of people in Britain die because of unseasonable cold weather than in either Finland or Russia.’
    • ‘She'd helped Wendy in her (mostly vain) attempts to contain the leaks during the unseasonable storm that blew in Monday afternoon.’
    • ‘If the warm penetrating rays of sunlight combined with unseasonable high air temperatures didn't get things moving I'd be very surprised.’
    • ‘Although the so-called ‘near drought’ has prompted consternation among gardeners, many of whom are fretting about the health of their plants, the unseasonable weather is proving an unexpected boon for some retailers.’
    • ‘Analysts will also hope that M&S confirms that it delayed offering discounts on its clothing ranges - despite weak sales caused by unseasonable mild weather.’
    • ‘Heavy rain also fell in northeastern Victoria, and cold air accompanying the storm resulted in heavy - and quite unseasonable - snowfalls on the higher mountains.’
    • ‘Scientists have suggested that the unseasonable bad weather that has been lashing New Zealand for the past few weeks is the result of a phenomenon known as the Antarctic Oscillation.’
    • ‘Despite superbly unseasonable weather, my recent trip to the Queen's View was marred by litter strewn and uncollected over the drop from the viewing point.’
    • ‘Others suggest a less sinister theory, arguing that the continent's torrential summer season is down to a completely natural and not entirely unexpected event: freakishly unseasonable weather.’
  • 2Untimely; inopportune:

    ‘we visited the place at an unseasonable time’
    • ‘But we visited the place at an unseasonable time, and found it divested of its dignity and terror.’
    • ‘How is it that you come here with clothes and hair still wet at an unseasonable hour?’
    • ‘"This is somewhat unseasonable," said the Governor, looking at his watch; "it is now almost nine."’
    premature, early, too early, too soon, before time
    ill-timed, badly timed, mistimed
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