Definition of unsealed in English:



  • 1Not sealed.

    ‘unsealed envelopes’
    • ‘The blue asbestos was completely exposed and unsealed when the coaches arrived in the interior department.’
    • ‘Indeed, the morning the verdict was unsealed, I had announced what was in the envelope.’
    • ‘Madison opens the unsealed envelope and removes the single sheet of paper inside.’
    • ‘The police described finding Mr Islam, Mr Afzal and Mr Kazi handling unsealed postal ballots in a deserted warehouse in the city.’
    • ‘How about if 2,000 will die if the tunnel floods unsealed?’
    • ‘It was a plain white envelope, unsealed and unmarked in any way.’
    • ‘Problems range from garages which are too small for their cars, to cracked ceilings, inadequate loft ventilation and unsealed cavity walls.’
    • ‘The next witness, Edward Newcomb, who had also been party to the fraud, further described the forging of election documents and the placing of McClellan tickets in unsealed envelopes.’
    • ‘To maintain confidentiality, participants received the questionnaires in an unsealed envelope, which they then used to seal their responses upon completion.’
    • ‘Those who wished to participate were provided with a questionnaire package in an unsealed envelope.’
    • ‘I dropped the other articles of paper on the counter top, while I opened the unsealed envelope.’
    • ‘Mr Horner testified that the potted meat had been supplied unsealed but wrapped in brown paper and sold to several people, none of whom fell ill.’
    • ‘Alan reached inside his pocket and pulled out an unsealed envelope.’
    • ‘If we sent our letters in unsealed envelopes then anyone who gained possession of the envelope would be able to read its contents.’
    • ‘‘I saw plenty of ballot papers with crosses on them and I saw unsealed envelopes that were of A5 size,’ one of the constables said later.’
    • ‘Each student received an unsealed envelope containing the measures.’
    • ‘Police found the trio handling unsealed postal ballots in a deserted warehouse in the city during a late-night raid in June 2004, the hearing was told.’
    • ‘It was a ritual that we in Ireland became familiar with in recent years, as streets were emptied of cars, drains and manhole covers were checked and sealed, snipers were put on rooftops and in all unsealed windows.’
  • 2Australian NZ (of a road) not surfaced with bitumen or a similar substance.

    • ‘The study also found there to be a number of existing practices in unsealed road design and maintenance which are environmentally unsustainable.’
    • ‘Beyond Mt. Hagen, however, the road is unsealed and single carriageway as far as Tari.’
    • ‘After rumbling along various obscure roads (some sealed and some unsealed, reminding me why it's not a good idea to clean the car just before a country drive) we decided that heading to the nearby You Yangs would be a good idea.’
    • ‘‘The use of 4x4 vehicles and trail motorcycles on unsealed routes is considered inappropriate and discordant.’’
    • ‘The findings herein have importance to maintenance practices for unsealed roads.’