Definition of unscreened in English:



  • 1Not subjected to testing or investigation by screening.

    ‘transfusion with unscreened blood’
    • ‘In an unscreened population, the diagnosis will be based on clinical symptoms, and the median time from diagnosis to death will be three years.’
    • ‘Asylum-seekers with tuberculosis go unscreened.’
    • ‘Another warranted concern within the supported units is that the competence and credibility of volunteers, unknown, untested and unscreened, could be more of a hassle than they are worth.’
    • ‘Consequently, there were no completely unscreened control groups.’
    • ‘About 70 percent of women who were unscreened and developed a risk factor did not receive intrapartum antibiotics.’
    • ‘The final step in the dogs' training will require several years of rigorous analysis: Canines must be tested on unscreened urine.’
    • ‘Therefore, the interval between cancer detection and death is longer in screened patients than in unscreened patients.’
    • ‘The downside of this approach is that unscreened patients may present unpredictable problems.’
    • ‘Private commercial blood banks, often offering unscreened blood, are allowed to flourish in both Bangladesh and Pakistan because these countries do not have any national blood policy.’
    • ‘We used the practice's computerised records to compare age, body mass index, and blood pressure of the screened and unscreened populations.’
    • ‘In fact, it does not look into the treatment of diabetes, but is an investigation into the diagnosis of diabetes in an unscreened population.’
    • ‘In particular, the outfall at Middle Point discharged unscreened sewage into the Carrick Roads.’
    • ‘Second, the issue of reaching the unscreened population must be addressed.’
    • ‘Thus almost as many cancers develop between the second and third years as would be expected in an unscreened population.’
    • ‘The rate of death attributed to the target disease has been lower in the screened group, but the total death rates have usually been the same in the screened and unscreened groups.’
    • ‘Poor sanitation, the lack of disposable syringes and unscreened blood caused nearly 9,000 children to become infected with the deadly virus.’
    • ‘A relatively large group have adenomas detected by screening, most of whom if left unscreened would never develop a problem.’
    • ‘Even those who screened positive for mental distress ‘still were nonetheless no more likely to be clinically depressed than unscreened women in a primary-care setting.’’
    • ‘They felt threatened by the prospect that the senator might have to answer unscreened questions.’
    • ‘The proportion of benign biopsies performed in a screening programme should be monitored and compared with that in an unscreened group of women of the same age.’
    1. 1.1 Not filtered or sorted using a screen.
      • ‘While passengers on the flight are required to remove their shoes and submit to screening, the crates beneath their feet pass unscreened and uninspected onto the very same flight.’
      • ‘The Seattle Times found that in its hometown, airlines loaded unscreened baggage onto planes.’
      • ‘O'Neill says slack Frankfurt security meant he was often told to place baggage unchecked and unscreened on to Pan Am flights.’
      • ‘More than 80 bags went unscreened, one screener said.’
      • ‘After screeners in Houston wrote to Congress about the managers who sent unscreened luggage onto planes, their complaints yielded only an investigation by those same managers, screeners said.’
  • 2(of a film or programme) not shown or broadcast.

    ‘copies of the unscreened episodes’
    • ‘ITV denied this was the case, claiming that the run had been interrupted to make way for some live events (this was partly true) - and indeed the show did return after three months, but with only two of the four unscreened episodes.’
    • ‘There must be hundreds of unscreened episodes in the BBC archive.’
    • ‘THhe BBC last night disclosed a previously unscreened interview with the late weapons expert Dr David Kelly.’
  • 3Not provided with or hidden by a screen.

    ‘he threw his cigar out of the unscreened window’
    • ‘If you often sit on an unscreened porch, install an overhead ceiling fan: you'll be cooler and have fewer bites.’
    • ‘People wanted to touch him, grab him and hug him, and with fewer resources [than when he was in office] and unscreened crowds, that meant less control.’
    • ‘Thinking one might lead to a vantage point unscreened by greenery, where I could get a good look at the geography of our new home, I struck out along one of the paths, towards the sinking sun.’
    • ‘I lived in a two room plywood-floored apartment often inundated with big hunks of black soot which drifted into the unscreened windows from an absolutely undetectable source.’
    • ‘They were in the room, coming as they did through the unscreened window, drawn as they were by the available light.’
    • ‘The loudspeakers probably have unscreened cables feeding them.’
    • ‘Frank visits him in his little house, unscreened by trees, baking in the prairie sun, far from the leafy neighborhoods of the bourgeoisie.’
    • ‘In the worst of our overcrowded local prisons, inmates may spend 23 hours a day in a shared cell with an unscreened toilet.’
    • ‘A fascinating account of the case of Jacksonville, Florida suggests that flies from unscreened privies could also serve as indirect sources of contamination.’
    • ‘Prisoners are regularly provided with no more than a mattress and an uncovered, unscreened toilet.’
    • ‘Windows are unscreened, allowing flies and mosquitoes to come in.’
    • ‘According to AI: ‘The toilets were unscreened holes in the ground… Washing was prohibited by guards until skin diseases became widespread.’’
    • ‘They are striking against being forced to work in unscreened environments in the government's new Pathfinder department, an amalgamation of the employment and benefits services.’
    • ‘It warned basic conditions were deteriorating in a number of jails, prisoners sharing cramped cells with an unscreened toilet, unable to access showers or exercise.’
    • ‘Members sponsoring guests or visitors for admission to the unscreened Galleries are required to certify that their guests are known to them.’
    • ‘The reason why indoor cats should take the preventive medication, Robertson-Plouch says, is because many of them spend time in areas accessed by mosquitoes, such as screened or unscreened porches or near windows.’