Definition of unsatisfactorily in English:



  • See unsatisfactory

    • ‘Mine, with Richard, went OK, although the conflict between our two characters hit a brick wall, with neither side giving ground, and so we had to end things rather unsatisfactorily.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I will request that the coroner here write a letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to inform them that the family consider this matter to be dealt with very unsatisfactorily.’’
    • ‘In addition, our website, though unsatisfactorily updated, has proved a valuable link with all the interested people, allowing us to get in touch with them and offering them a playing opportunity.’
    • ‘‘On the balance of probability, although somewhat unsatisfactorily overall, I'm led to the conclusion she died from an adverse reaction to the general anaesthetic,’ he said.’
    • ‘The structure of the first movement is unsatisfactorily wayward, though full of marvellous ideas.’