Definition of unsanctioned in English:



  • Not sanctioned.

    ‘a series of unsanctioned rallies against high local unemployment’
    • ‘But arrogance may result in quick, unsanctioned action.’
    • ‘The New York State Athletic Commission, which regulates competitive boxing, has told boxing gyms that unsanctioned events such as white-collar boxing are illegal because of their potential for serious injury.’
    • ‘An incident during the 1997 federal election revealed some insight into the consequences of unsanctioned editorial action at an Irving-owned paper.’
    • ‘Rather did their solution become more urgent as public expectations rose and were transformed into spontaneous and unsanctioned actions.’
    • ‘Current and former CIA officers aware of the recent decision said the suspension reflects the CIA's fears of being accused of unsanctioned and illegal activities, as it was in the 1970s.’
    • ‘Would a vibrant legal debate forestall practical preparations for future unsanctioned instances of ‘power doing justice’ - albeit outside the law?’
    • ‘Will correspondents use them to present an unsanctioned, less filtered account of events as they unfold, or will they just recount colorful background stories?’
    • ‘Now, at press time this group remained unsanctioned by the student union, so your seeing them at Clubs Days is dependent on their commandeering another club's table.’
    • ‘Minsk police spokesman Oleg Slepchenko said 34 protesters were detained for participating in an unsanctioned rally.’
    • ‘It was informal, unsanctioned, unauthorized and went off without a hitch.’
    • ‘Unwanted software includes worms, viruses, spyware, vulnerable applications, unlicensed software, and unsanctioned applications, and it can arrive on corporate networks in many ways.’
    • ‘Someone who really wanted to stop unsanctioned immigration would begin here, by busting the small contractors who employ these workers on a contingent basis.’
    • ‘The study reported by MacLean et al reflects the interest in determining the prevalence of family presence as a formally sanctioned or unsanctioned practice among critical care and emergency nurses.’
    • ‘The authorities still arrest and imprison unsanctioned bishops and priests.’
    • ‘The one deals with boxing promoter Turkish working in the seedy world of unsanctioned, illegal bare-knuckle boxing.’
    • ‘It's a story of globalization, illegal chemicals and unsanctioned antibiotics, and bovine additives.’
    • ‘Proposition 36 will not heal the hypocritical heart of a nation that extols the empty pleasures of consumerism while excoriating the unsanctioned ecstasies of illegal drugs.’
    • ‘In addition, early modern Europeans could have recourse to a variety of unsanctioned or ‘magical’ techniques to promote or restrict fertility.’
    • ‘Similar unsanctioned protests, organized by the Communist Party, took place in another Moscow region town, Solnechnogorsk, as well as in Samara, Tatarstan and the Leningrad region.’
    • ‘His segregation was also unlawful as unsanctioned by s7 to Penal Institutions Act.’
    unlawful, illegal, against the law, illicit, illegitimate, lawbreaking, lawless, felonious, delinquent, culpable, villainous, nefarious, corrupt, fraudulent
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