Definition of unsalvageable in English:



  • Impossible to retrieve or preserve from potential loss or destruction.

    ‘as many as 160,000 homes may be unsalvageable’
    • ‘The ship was extensively damaged and deemed unsalvageable.’
    • ‘By the time they got there, the 106-year-old, three-story gabled house, on the graceful Esplanade, was engulfed in flames and unsalvageable.’
    • ‘The psychiatrists and other medical staff avoided this ward, making only the bare minimum of calls and writing off the patients there as unsalvageable.’
    • ‘Much of the milk, especially single-serves, became warm and was unsalvageable.’
    • ‘The fire was quickly extinguished, but the motorcycle was reduced to a smoking, unsalvageable cinder.’
    • ‘Fuel and tankers became so scarce in the spring of 1942 that oil was scavenged from the unsalvageable battleships still resting on the bottom of Battleship Row.’
    • ‘Two drops of java on his shirt is enough to make the day unsalvageable.’
    • ‘Most of the lighting, the heating, cooling, and sound system in the theatre are most likely unsalvageable.’
    • ‘Hardware was found to be worn out and unsalvageable.’
    • ‘In his ambivalent report, he notes that many national institutions are "unsalvageable."’
    unrecoverable, unreclaimable, irretrievable, irredeemable, irrevocable, unrestorable, irremediable, lost, lost and gone, gone for ever, beyond cure, beyond hope, hopeless
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