Definition of unsafe sex in English:

unsafe sex


mass noun
  • Sexual activity in which precautions are not taken to reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS.

    • ‘The report itself is the latest indication that unsafe sex among gay men seems to be returning with a vengeance.’
    • ‘Previous research has indeed shown that migrant tourism workers were more likely than tourism workers living locally to have a high number of sexual partners and to experience unsafe sex.’
    • ‘Actually, there are many similarities between gay men and lesbians who practice unsafe sex and those who fear having sex.’
    • ‘A recurrent problem is that sex workers tend to protect themselves from HIV only in their sex work, practicing unsafe sex with people they do not consider their clients.’
    • ‘Only one participant described an act of accidental unsafe sex due to a condom breaking.’
    • ‘Therefore, there is a high potential for unsafe sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections among seasonal workers at holiday centres.’
    • ‘A new series of hard-hitting adverts warning young people of the risks of unsafe sex were launched today by the Public Health Minister Melanie Johnson.’
    • ‘Of the remainder, many men often or mostly have safe sex but ‘lapse’ from time to time, and some have unsafe sex or have abandoned safe sex altogether.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, those who practised unsafe sex showed little concern for the potential risks.’
    • ‘Two participants attributed unsafe sex to sexual assault.’
    • ‘Second, the results of this research suggest that first-time workers represent a group who have a significant risk of experiencing unsafe sex while at a holiday centre.’
    • ‘Drug use, unsafe sex, public sex, religion, sexism - each of us makes choices in these areas that affect our lives and the culture and society we share.’
    • ‘Respondents were asked about their sexual relationships, number of sexual partners, contraceptive use, and situations which led to unsafe sex.’
    • ‘Sexual partners will be more vulnerable if they practise unsafe sex than if their activities are low risk.’
    • ‘There is a strong link between drug use and unsafe sex and the spread of HIV.’
    • ‘The first century, however, did not have to contend with the problems of overpopulation, unsafe sex or the spread of Aids.’
    • ‘Drug use can also lead to unsafe sex and HIV transmission, Ryan adds.’
    • ‘Each of the scripts has its own sources of risk for unsafe sex.’
    • ‘There's also a myth that some people think they're immune because they've had a lot of unsafe sex and they're not infected - including unsafe sex with guys who are positive.’
    • ‘He says counsellors have informed spouses or partners of HIV-positive clients who are exposing them to the risk of infection through unsafe sex.’