Definition of unrisen in English:



  • Not having risen.

    ‘the unrisen sun’
    • ‘This was not true of Jesus in his incarnate and unrisen state.’
    • ‘Make ahead: refrigerate unrisen dough and let rise for 24 hours.’
    • ‘The present invention further relates to a method of extruding a filled, unrisen, yeast bread dough.’
    • ‘They baked their unrisen bread, which they had no time to leaven since they were rushed out of Egypt so quickly.’
    • ‘I live alone in my parent's basement and live off unrisen chocolate chip cookies dough and Coca Cola.’
    • ‘Her face, half terrible half beautiful, shone with the red light of the unrisen sun.’
    • ‘Afghan bread turns out to be a very thin, flat, unrisen bread something like a tortilla or a roti.’
    • ‘They didn't even wait for the bread they were making to rise - they took it in its current unrisen state.’
    • ‘Here is a dead man unrisen; he hasn't stepped over to the pantheon of the immortal.’
    • ‘Which of the tested ingredients, if any, caused the yeast to slack off, resulting in the unrisen bread?’