Definition of unresearched in English:



  • Not systematically investigated or verified.

    ‘this is an unresearched area of history’
    ‘the long-term risks are largely unresearched’
    • ‘"To pinpoint just vodka as a single product causing the problem of binge-drinking is completely unresearched."’
    • ‘Most likely, I'm experiencing some still relatively unresearched state of consciousness.’
    • ‘The idea that trauma can have secondary effects is a relatively new, unresearched area.’
    • ‘Effective approaches to managing the most severely affected individuals remain relatively unresearched.’
    • ‘The real environmental impact of recreational vehicles alone remains largely unresearched.’
    • ‘His assertion that "weekend train travel between Inverness and Aberdeen is a bad joke" is unfair, inaccurate and obviously unresearched.’
    • ‘Unresearched interventions on this subject are actually very destructive and unhelpful for those of us who live in the area and wish to see a happy future for all concerned.’
    • ‘The phenomenon remains largely unresearched.’
    • ‘He's just incredibly ignorant and ill-informed, with a propensity for sweeping unresearched generalisations.’