Definition of unrequested in English:



  • Not asked for.

    ‘finger bowls arrived unrequested before we realized we needed them’
    • ‘Medical or ethical justification of unrequested nutrition in a terminally ill patient is typically an emotional response to the clinical situation and has not been proved to be clinically beneficial.’
    • ‘The curse of the Internet is SPAM - unrequested and unwelcome e-mail, much of it either pornographic or scams.’
    • ‘The older teachers wouldn't often give her unrequested advice unless it was absolutely necessary.’
    • ‘But I still received that Florida absentee ballot, unrequested, for several years.’
    • ‘The reason I don't call it a newsletter myself is because it contains no news and arrives as a piece of unrequested direct mail.’
    • ‘Next, I hope something can be done about redirects - bots that grab users' browsers and take them to unrequested webpages.’
    • ‘But some sources say that Jacoulet had simply sent his prints to these celebrities for free as presents and unrequested to promote his sales with a reference list of well-known names.’
    • ‘It was carved by my great-grandfather and came to me unrequested, a bargained token in the frantic last minute horse-trading as my parents' divorce was settled.’
    • ‘Spamming is the mass distribution of unrequested e-mail messages to individual e-mail accounts, e-mail lists or newsgroups, typically with robots.’
    • ‘I am a full time carer for my disabled wife and applied after I received an unrequested form that said I should fill it in even though I received Income Support.’
    • ‘These are the type of folks who will send nasty e-mails to other sites they ‘think’ are sending them unrequested e-mail when in fact it is the virus on their system actually triggering the other site's autoresponders.’
    • ‘‘Our sole intent is to end the unrequested distribution of their CDs,’ they say.’
    • ‘Any attempt to take unilateral preventive action within another state, or to render unrequested assistance in these circumstances would in principle appear to be a violation of the source state's sovereignty.’
    • ‘Turned on (the default setting), the blockers prevent unrequested pop-up windows, which are usually just ads.’
    • ‘In fact, many of the people who have these products installed on their computer still open strange email attachments promising pictures of celebrities undressed, or some mysterious, unrequested information.’
    • ‘I also didn't much care for the way she was giving me an unrequested sample of what it feels like to have a devil on your shoulder.’
    • ‘The only real insult you can give, having received this unrequested, but nonetheless pretty impressive gift of life, is to do nothing.’
    • ‘‘It came, unrequested, from a dealer in Ontario I sometimes do business with,’ Annie said.’
    • ‘On now to the interface overhaul for the site itself, as part of the new, needless, and utterly unrequested change to a Monthly Magazine format.’
    • ‘The military (veteran and active) had a huge and unrequested (we certainly didn't ask anyone to use us) impact on this election.’
    gratuitous, unnecessary, needless, unneeded, inessential
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