Definition of unrepresentative in English:



  • Not typical of a class, group, or body of opinion.

    ‘an unrepresentative minority’
    • ‘Popular opinion (or some unrepresentative poll) can never be a basis for decisions in a democracy.’
    • ‘Rather, this vote is a good example of how elections can have very bizarre, unrepresentative consequences in societies with weak political institutions.’
    • ‘How, scientifically, can we regard them as anything other than personal, unrepresentative opinions?’
    • ‘Okay, this was - we are told - an isolated and wholly unrepresentative incident.’
    • ‘Figures like this are exceptional in the extreme and give a completely unrepresentative impression of the national picture.’
    • ‘But some are arguing that this focus is a waste of time and money - that it's unrealistic, unrepresentative and naïve.’
    • ‘Cronin and Magdalinski want an alternative to the current political process, which they view as unrepresentative of real-world needs.’
    • ‘Moreover, the armed forces are increasingly unrepresentative of the society they serve.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the moderate forces were at best a largely unrepresentative minority without an especially coherent programme.’
    • ‘Johnson considers this subset to be unrepresentative of the broader population.’
    • ‘Instead, names are drawn from a pre-selected, unrepresentative, pool of less than one-percent of us.’
    • ‘Finally, I find the attempt to link this issue to ‘an unrepresentative minority’ incredible!’
    • ‘Our democracy is crumbling with the politics of fear and prejudice ruling the roost, an electoral system which is corrupt and unrepresentative.’
    • ‘Whether it's the composition of the major parties, or the courts, or the federal bureaucracy, our institutions are unrepresentative.’
    • ‘Instead of getting family and old people on their side, the extremists, an unrepresentative minority, are turning them off.’
    • ‘Pro-life groups are opposed to any change in the law and have criticised the survey for being unrepresentative.’
    • ‘He is a far greater threat to human life and happiness than even the unrepresentative white minority government he drove from power.’
    • ‘That thoroughly unrepresentative body of millionaires could have a SOCIALIST in its ranks.’
    • ‘His lengthy introduction is an ominous, unworthy and unrepresentative opening to an impressive body of work.’
    • ‘Worse, this ineffectual debating society is wholly unrepresentative.’
    unusual, uncommon, atypical, untypical, non-typical, rare, isolated, irregular, anomalous, deviant, deviating, divergent, wayward, aberrant, freak, freakish
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