Definition of unremuneratively in English:



  • See unremunerative

    • ‘He thought about the position of the artist in society, and about his rent, and about his friends getting rich in advertising, and law - not to mention as art dealers - and the ones ensconced cozily if unremuneratively in warm, stable graduate schools.’
    • ‘Doubtless some among them were tempted to seek business by cutting the commissions charged their patrons to an unremuneratively low level.’
    • ‘No harp and violin, no cigar-smoking captain, no busy venders of ‘comic broadsheets;’ all dull, and dreary, and weary - looking, as men are when unremuneratively ‘hard at it.’’
    • ‘The rates, which were unremuneratively low on some of the lines, were then adjusted.’
    • ‘First, obviously agriculture should not be destroyed by unremuneratively low prices.’