Definition of unremittingness in English:



  • See unremitting

    • ‘She felt totally lost in the face of the unremittingness of Olivia.’
    • ‘A. Alvarez stresses that this poetry is ‘unremittingly political,’ but he does not seem to have asked himself why this should be so, and on what contemporary central European paradox this unremittingness is founded.’
    • ‘To fulfill the dream of spaceflight which was held by all the Chinese people, the aeronauticians had worked with perseverance and unremittingness for 11 years.’
    • ‘The unremittingness of the calls for a return to conscription is disquieting.’
    • ‘Again, though, it's the very unremittingness of the vision that forces us to confront an unpalatable truth and in that, many willing to go along may find a strange sort of comfort.’