Definition of unremitting in English:



  • Never relaxing or slackening; incessant.

    ‘unremitting drizzle’
    • ‘There were almost two million in the dole queues, the industrial forecasts churned out unremitting gloom, and company after company was going to the wall.’
    • ‘There is something poetic in the way the names roll, evoking notions of pride in unremitting labour, unity in poverty, resilience in hard times.’
    • ‘That sounds far too much like hard unremitting work to me.’
    • ‘It would also mean two weeks of unremitting toil, caring for an often inconsolable toddler who is likely to demand attention day and night for the duration of the illness.’
    • ‘Indeed this is a work of unremitting trepidation.’
    • ‘What is striking about the pictures, though it should not be, is precisely their unremitting normality.’
    • ‘They just put the ball in the net in the first half, Alex Burns continuing to find the scoresheet with unremitting regularity.’
    • ‘Fluctuating wildly between bewildered Dr Jekyll and psychopathic Mr Hyde, Dafoe plays the role with unremitting glee, energy and panache.’
    • ‘The unremitting liberal orientation finally became too much for me.’
    • ‘I am also mystified by the unremitting praise the film has received, though I've done little more than skim everything I've run across.’
    • ‘The entire film is suffused with almost unremitting brutality.’
    • ‘Nostalgia wears rose-tinted specs, but even the most optimistic filter can't block out the unremitting greyness of the Seventies.’
    • ‘If the time had dragged this would have been a hard job, unremitting and tedious.’
    • ‘I think the real thing is the unremitting pressure to be constantly, constantly pushing forward.’
    • ‘Incredibly, a microbiologist has shown that the amoeba lives its life in almost constant and unremitting hatred.’
    • ‘It began with the unremitting curfews, followed by reports of babies dying at checkpoints and snipers shooting children.’
    • ‘He achieved what he did by unremitting hard work.’
    • ‘It comes at the end of a relentless, unremitting cross examination of Wilde by Carson.’
    • ‘See it wasn't all unremitting bleakness during the mid 80s.’
    • ‘Over generations his family sold pieces of their agricultural land as the only way to survive the unremitting onslaught of emergencies.’
    relentless, unrelenting, continual, constant, continuous, unabating, unrelieved, sustained, incessant, unceasing, ceaseless, steady, unbroken, non-stop, endless, unending, persistent, perpetual, interminable, unyielding, inexorable, unsparing, without respite
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