Definition of unreligious in English:



  • 1Indifferent or hostile to religion.

    ‘an unreligious idea’
    • ‘‘Was I raised Jewish? ‘she demands of her unreligious mother.’’
    • ‘Probably it would be the most unreligious person in the village who would come forward to kill the tiger.’
    • ‘Ilse was Lutheran, but seemed fairly unreligious and hardly ever attended church.’
    • ‘You might be Wiccan or Pagan, either that or you're unreligious.’
    • ‘It shows that he consistently misunderstood Iraqi Shiites as non-ideological and unreligious, contrasting them to Iranian Shiites.’
    • ‘Her attempts to rework them for modern consideration are decidedly unreligious.’
    • ‘This story is a very unreligious portrayal of the gospel.’
    • ‘This idea of legalizing shame in the name of God seems very unspiritual, even deeply unreligious to millions of Americans.’
    • ‘Well the interesting thing about the Marquis de Sade of course, is that his world is littered with Cardinals and Priests and Abbes, so it's not completely unreligious.’
    • ‘Mr. Malter informs Reuven that Jack Rose, an unreligious, secular Jew has made a large contribution to the Jewish National Fund and that many more Jews like him will now begin attending synagogue more often.’
    1. 1.1Not connected with religion.
      ‘education has become quite unreligious’
      • ‘He argues that "the new art is condemned precisely because it is unreligious and an example of a pagan life-attitude which will ultimately compete with the Christian".’
      • ‘I chose the name Larry because it was the most unreligious name I could come up with.’
      • ‘An important characteristic of the carvings is that they include many unreligious moral stories besides sculptures of the Buddha.’
      • ‘The genial tone and resolutely unreligious perspective do, however, produce a certain leveling effect.’