Definition of unrehearsed in English:



  • Not practised before a performance.

    ‘spontaneous and unrehearsed music’
    • ‘And production-wise, the album's a bit sloppy and unrehearsed, as if the band could only pay for one run-through per song.’
    • ‘If any candidate for our nation's highest office can't handle unrehearsed questions from the electorate, they have no business being there.’
    • ‘So there were good bits, and some quality singing and playing, but no real direction, and trying to do an obviously unrehearsed version of Heard It Through The Grapevine was a mistake.’
    • ‘Combining his role as a director and actor in unscripted, unrehearsed scenes can lead to some obvious complications.’
    • ‘The challenge for the actors was to ensure that the tightly-scripted dialogue flows as if it were completely casual and unrehearsed.’
    • ‘Oh the nerve of this completely unrehearsed and unplanned outburst!’
    • ‘Of course, I made it worse by trying out unscripted and unrehearsed material.’
    • ‘And administrators are professors too, with classes unscheduled, unrehearsed, tutoring available at all times, and very agreeable office hours.’
    • ‘While a CPR-certified physical therapist administered first aid backstage, the new lead couple quickly discussed their impending unrehearsed performance.’
    • ‘Mulvey also has an insatiable appetite for collaboration, appearing on colleagues' recordings, or just stepping on stage with other artists to try something spontaneous, something unrehearsed.’
    • ‘Next year, presumably, each conference will attempt to go one better by eliminating the speeches completely, replacing them instead with yet more examples of these entirely spontaneous outpourings of unrehearsed joy.’
    • ‘The defining characteristic of this highly profitable format is unrehearsed, unscripted moments of real life played out before, and captured by, a video camera.’
    • ‘‘No,’ he replied, sounding charmingly unrehearsed, given how many times he's probably been asked this question.’
    • ‘The raw, unrehearsed commentaries reveal the connotations that define particular types of music and the groups who identify with them.’
    • ‘This is due to lack of preparation, with rescue procedures often being implemented in an unplanned and unrehearsed manner and carried out by untrained and ill-equipped persons.’
    • ‘All of the newcomers are subjected to this ritual of unrehearsed first performances and no map or directions of the theatre.’
    • ‘It's like an impromptu back-and-forth duet between lovers, all the more realistic for being unrehearsed and spontaneous.’
    • ‘It was obviously unrehearsed, but in its own way it sounded as contrived as his announcement a couple of days earlier of his marriage proposal to the unfortunate Ms Holmes on the Eiffel Tower.’
    • ‘This wasn't like a proper impromptu presentation - this looked unrehearsed, extempore.’
    • ‘‘He never liked to do anything unrehearsed, so when I did the line ‘I want to be your friend’, I reached up and touched him, which he had not expected,’ she says.’
    unplanned, spontaneous, unprepared, unarranged, uncontrolled, unintentional, unintended, extempore, extemporary, extemporized, extemporaneous, impromptu, ad lib
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